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The AgroEcology group aims to understand the ecological mechanisms that deliver sustainable crop production. We have expertise in movement and spatial ecology of pests and pollinators, above and below-ground functional biodiversity and weed ecology.

Biological Chemistry and Crop Protection

The Biological Chemistry and Crop Protection department is focussed on examining the practical and fundamental aspects of Chemical Ecology, Pesticide Resistance and Lipid Metabolism.

Computational and Systems Biology

The Computational and Systems Biology Department undertakes research and development in mathematical, statistical and computational solutions to biological problems at all levels of biological scale.

Plant Biology and Crop Science

To carry out world-class plant biology and crop science research that delivers new knowledge, innovation and practices that will increase crop productivity and quality and develop environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production.

Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems

The Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems Department has staff at both the Harpenden and North Wyke sites. We aim to understand, model and manipulate the abiotic and biotic processes in arable and grazed grassland soils to improve the function, resilience and sustainability of farming systems.