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Rothamsted Research and the Value of Excellence: a synthesis of the available evidence

Foreword to the report by the Director & Chief Executive Professor Achim Dobermann

Nuffield student represents the UK at the EU Contest for Young Scientist

Ellen Piercy joined Rothamsted Research in 2014 as a Nuffield Research Placement student for 5 weeks. Ellen was an A-level student from St Albans School and upon completion of her project at Rothamsted she has been selected as one of the two students representing  the UK at the 27th European Union Contest for Young Scientists that is happening in Milan during the 17th to 22nd September, 2015.

Opening up innovation in plant science

The Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise, RoCRE is leading a transformation in how advances in plant science can be translated into practical solutions for farmers in collaboration with the agricultural industry.

The newly opened Lawes Open Innovation Hub is targeted specifically at enhancing relationships between businesses and researchers to deliver new agricultural technology. Enterprises operating in the building will benefit from working alongside scientists from Rothamsted Research and their high level of expertise in a range of research areas.

‘The most ambitious of field studies’

Rothamsted Research, which is strategically funded by the BBSRC, features in a newly published book called The Story of Parliament: Celebrating 750 years of parliament in Britain. The book celebrates the 750th anniversary of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament of 1265—a key moment in the origins of parliament.

Rothamsted Research embarks on an ambitious future with a new leadership team in place

Rothamsted Research has undergone a restructuring process to further strengthen its scientific leadership, operational systems and external relations function that will support the delivery of excellent science and practical solutions to the farmers of the future. The leadership team is comprised of:

Rothamsted Research presents the Soil is Life! Research Exhibition Day

In celebration of the International Year of Soils, Rothamsted Research presents the Soil is Life! Research Exhibition Day - Sunday May 17th, 2015, from 10am to 5pm. We will showcase the Institute’s ongoing soil research, which is at the heart of sustainable agriculture.


Department People

title First Name Last Name Department Location
View Mr Paul Beeney Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Lynda Castle Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Carol Connett Directorate Harpenden
View Miss Janna Corley Directorate Harpenden
View Miss Charlotte Cornwall Directorate Harpenden
View Prof John Crawford Sustainable Soil and Grassland Systems, Directorate Harpenden
View Prof Achim Dobermann Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Amy Dodd Directorate
View Ms Bianca Forte Directorate Harpenden
View Mr Daniel Hansen Directorate Harpenden
View Mr Jervis Haynes Directorate Harpenden
View Miss Lucy Hyde Plant Biology and Crop Science, Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Margaret Insalaco Directorate Harpenden
View Miss Kerry Lapworth Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Donna Lipsky Directorate Harpenden
View Dr Khalid Mahmood Directorate Harpenden
View Mr Nadeem Masih Directorate Harpenden
View Prof Johnathan Napier Biological Chemistry and Crop Protection, Directorate Harpenden
View Ms Carol Oliver Directorate Harpenden
View Prof John Pickett Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Karen Richards Directorate, Biological Chemistry and Crop Protection Harpenden
View Mrs Nicola Seymour Directorate Harpenden
View Mr Graham Shephard Directorate Harpenden
View Dr Andrew Spencer Directorate Harpenden
View Dr Simon Vaughan Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Lucy Wansbury Directorate
View Miss Louise Warren Business Information Services, Directorate Harpenden
View Mrs Jing Zhang Directorate Harpenden