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Food for a New Generation

Food for a New Generation

Tuesday, 9 May, 2017 -
15:45 to 18:00
Invitation only event

Our new vision: 2017-2022 - LAUNCH

Science + Agriculture = Safe + Sustainable + Smart + Secure


3:45 pm

Arrival & registration

4:00 pm

Introduction: Into the future

Professor Sir John Beddington, Chair of the Rothamsted Board

(Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, 2008-2013)

Overview:  Rothamsted Research - Great Science: Great Benefits

Strategic vision, scientific innovations, game-changing solutions for farming and food

Professor Achim Dobermann, Director and CEO

(Deputy Director General for Research at the International Rice Research Institute, 2007-2014)

4:40 pm

Sound-bites from the Scientists

Designing Future Wheat; Smart Crop Protection; Tailoring Plant Metabolism; Sustainable Intensification; Soil to Nutrition

5:15 pm

Open Science and Farming Forum

Over a reception of drinks and canapes, our researchers will be free to discuss key issues facing farming and society today, including:

  • raising productivity and breaking the yield barrier
  • pesticide resistance – developing a new vision for crop and animal health
  • delivering environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for farmers
  • neonicotinoides and glyphosate – and the future for fertilisers
  • genetically modified (GM) plants and the potential for “super nutritious” crops

6:00 pm



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