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Rothamsted sites collaboration with octocopter

Arable technology was applied to grasslands when the Rothamsted UAV octocopter visited the North Wyke Farm Platform this week. Dr Andrew Riche (Harpenden) and Dr Anita Shepherd (North Wyke) were providing data for proof of concept work on a collaboration to sense grasslands.

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National Capability

A national capability is a BBSRC-funded resource intended to benefit the scientific community in general. These can be facilities as well as opensource datasets. 

National Capabilities

Rothamsted Insect Survey

Operates two national networks for monitoring insect populations in the UK

North Wyke Farm Platform

Provides the research community access to a range of in situ state-of-the-art instrumentation in hydrologically isolated fields and farms to better address key issues in sustainable agriculture.


A database of interactions between pathogens and their hosts maintained at Rothamsted Research with international input.

Long-Term Experiments

These have been running since the mid 19th Century, provide a unique experimental system and archive of soil and plant samples.

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