Rothamsted Research

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The Horticultural and Controlled Environment Services Department is responsible for developing and maintaining the specialist plant growth and ancillary support facilities here at Rothamsted Research, in order to meet the highly diverse research requirements of our scientific community.

A wide variety of research plants, grown in glasshouses, outdoor cages, polytunnel and controlled environments, are provided and carefully tended by our team of 12 (10 FTE) dedicated staff. The plant material produced is mainly temperate crop species, with over 500,000 plants being raised per annum for a variety of research purposes, including studies into nutrition, plant physiology and genetic transformation. Many plants are also grown up for use as insect food. Pest and disease control is managed through a combination of good plant hygiene, biological control and the safe application of pesticides.

For internal staff or scientists, growth facilities or plants can be booked or ordered through the Glasshouse or Controlled Environment Team Leaders, the departmental office, or alternatively, please book the sevice/space required through the intranet. For external company or personnel, please forward your request to Julian Franklin or Ming Yu Lim.

In addition, the Gardening section of the department both maintains and develops the grounds around the laboratories and Rothamsted Manor, resulting in a place of work that we can all be proud of.

Head of Department: Julian Franklin
Deputy Head of Department: Fiona Gilzean
Departmental Administrator: Ming Yu Lim