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Public and stakeholder dialogue on working with industry

Rothamsted Research, supported by the BBSRC and Sciencewise-ERC with funding and advice, has conducted a public dialogue on the guiding principles that should underpin its work with industry. The project was independently evaluated and both reports are now published.

The public dialogue and its independent evaluation have now been completed and the reports are available to download here:

Rothamsted Research provides knowledge and innovation to grow more food on the same or less land, using less water, fertiliser and pesticides than historically achieved, while moving towards more sustainable agricultural systems. Rothamsted, a primarily publicly funded research organisation, is now looking to diversify its sources of income. In order to achieve this, Rothamsted will aim to collaborate more with partners that are not publicly-funded. Partnering with SMEs, start-ups and established agribusinesses will help improve Rothamsted’s income portfolio, as well as providing access to the necessary infrastructure, while supporting greater innovation in the farming industry.

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