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We have a range of state-of-the-art scientific equipment and facilities that can be made available to businesses for use by their qualified staff on a rental basis or accessed by businesses via the research services provided by our own staff.

Contact us if you are interested in visiting or renting our facilities or using our services. 



State-of-the-art instrumentation including two confocal laser microscopes, three electron microscopes (two scanning and one transmission), laser micro-dissector and four light and fluorescence microscopes. Our team has specialised expertise in the use of the equipment as well as a sound understanding of cell biology. This knowledge base allows us to provide training and guidance throughout your project, from determining the best equipment to use to the logistics around imaging your samples themselves.


A national centre of excellence in plant metabolomics that provides data for a wide range of projects internally, serving established projects within our Institute Strategic Programmes on crop improvement, and also to external academic collaborators and industrial clients.

Controlled Environments

Glasshouses and other controlled environments 

An environment-controlled building with 16 cabinets and eight growth rooms, as well as containment facilities and over 1,000 m2 of glasshouse space.


A specialised facility that maintains a range of both indigenous and exotic insect species. Our insectary has 41 insect rearing and insect behaviour study rooms, with computer monitored systems that provide controlled temperature, lighting, humidity and airflow. The rooms are suitable for rearing insects in ‘cages’, on plants or on detached leaves. The facility incorporates specialised field simulator cages and cutting-edge technologies for insect transgenesis. Click on the link above for details.

Field Research

Farm Platform

A range of in situ state-of-the-art instrumentation in hydrologically isolated fields (about 80 hectares) and farmlets to better address key issues in sustainable agriculture. The main treatments on the platform are "sustainable intensification of permanent grassland", "increased use of legumes" and "planned reseeding", where environmental and economical impact of different farming methodologies are assessed. Click on the link above for details.

Business Incubation

Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise (RoCRE)

Want your company to be at the centre of global agri-tech? With direct access into London and close to London Luton International Airport, Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise offers an unrivalled environment in which research and knowledge intensive agri-tech companies can blossom. Being part of the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise community gives you access to our wealth of on-site scientific facilities and services.

Information services

Library and Information Services  

Rothamsted Library is one of the oldest specialist agricultural collections in the UK. The Library reflects the Institute's research interests with comprehensive collections of books and journals in soil science, plant sciences, agronomy, entomology (including apiculture), nematology, pesticide science, plant diseases, mycology and biomathematics.