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Our Philosophy

In agriculture, we need to develop farming methods and crops that produce more output using less land, water, fertiliser and pesticides than we have historically done. No one organisation has all the answers and there are no simple solutions to this challenge.

To overcome the grand challenge of producing more with less, we work with policymakers, non-government organisations and businesses to deliver the knowledge, innovation and new practices to increase crop productivity and quality and to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for agriculture.

Our research is driven by real-world challenges and we collaborate with a variety of businesses to ensure the scientific knowledge that we generate is translated into technologies that can benefit farmers and markets. We choose to work with partners that have the resources and channels required to take the innovation to those who need it.

All our funders, public and private, help inform the direction of our research. However, they have no say in how our scientist interprets their own results. We do not compromise on our principles of academic freedom and independent peer review and will only work with partners who share our values:

  • To conduct world class research in bioscience
  • To be independent, objective, open-minded and transparent
  • To deliver through building partnerships and fostering relationships
  • To lead, educate and inspire at an international level
  • To listen and adapt to changing priorities
  • To foster ethical research and encourage active reflection among scientists on the wider implications of their work
  • To support constructive communication between scientists and the public on complex and challenging issues

Our position is informed by a consultation recently undertaken by an independent consultancy and funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. Click here to download the Public dialogue on how Rothamsted Research should engage with industry.