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Work experience

Work experience

Our work experience programme is designed to provide students with an opportunity to be involved with cutting edge agricultural scientific research as well as a variety of office based and support tasks. We hope students will gain a useful insight into the various aspects of our organization and the skills necessary for different careers.

Normally it is aimed at Year 10, 11 and 12 students (age 14-17 years) who complete a week placement with us in the latter part of the school year (Easter - July).

At Rothamsted Research we offer school students work experience at both our sites in Harpenden (Hertfordshire) and North Wyke (Devon).

We are changing the way we offer work experience at our Harpenden site. We will no longer be accepting ‘ad hoc’ applications for placements throughout the year. Instead, we will open two calls per year where students can apply for placements that will be happening at particular times.

At our North Wyke site we offer a week beginning 10th July for year 10 students and a week in middle–late July for Sixth Form students. Students can apply throughout the year, for a limited number of places.

Scientific placements are based within specific teams where students will become involved in the work of that team. Activities will include:

  • Overview of Rothamsted Research
  • Tour to scientific facilities and field experiments
  • Health and Safety guidance
  • Insight into the day by day work of a scientist
  • Hands-on experience in laboratories
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Opportunity to meet researchers and to ask questions about their work

2017 Placements

How to apply?

Procedures for Harpenden site (Hertfordshire)

We will offer placements for work experience during the following weeks only:

  • 27th-31st March 2017
  • 3rd-7th July 2017

Priorities will be given to students from the Harpenden Secondary Schools Trust due to our special relationship. We will also continue with a policy of equal opportunity, so some places will be allocated to schools that are not part of the Trust.

The application period for work experience in 2017 is described in the Calendar below. Applications must be received by 5pm on the closing date and applications will not be processed at any other time.  Students are allowed to apply for one call only.

Calendar for application periods for work experience in the academic year of 2016/17:


Period of Placement

Number of places offered

Call period


Confirmation of place

First Call

27th to 31st March 2017


14th November to 4th December 2016

By the 19th December 2016

5th January 2017

Second Call

3rd to 7th   July 2017


9th to 29th January 2017

By the 13th February 2017

24th February 2017

Please complete the work experience form and return it to

Students will be formally contacted regarding to the outcome of their applications and will have a period to accept their offers.

Procedures for the North Wyke site (Devon)

For North Wyke, students can apply throughout the year, for a limited number of places in July. For more information, contact the work experience coordinator.