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Formerly part of the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, North Wyke is integrated with Rothamsted Research, and so brings together BBSRC research on grassland and arable systems.

Rothamsted Research, North Wyke provides unique research capabilities for the UK. These help to address some of agriculture's most pressing challenges, for example mitigating and adapting to climate change, protecting natural resources and sustaining the rural economy in grassland dominated regions such as South West England.

We have refocused our research to harness the power of new systems biology approaches. These combine predictive computer modelling, which can make sense of huge amounts of data, with experimentation in the field and in the lab. The result is improved understanding of the complexity of grassland ecosystems and what it means for practical land management food production and environmental goals.

We are collaborating with scientists from complementary research centres to ensure that the UK has critical capability in research into sustainable management of agricultural landscapes.

60 years of Grassland Research

On Wednesday 3rd February 2009 Roger Wilkins launched a book marking 60 years of grassland research at Hurley and North Wyke. The book details the main scientific achievements and key developments in the research, traces changes in organisation, research foci and facilities, but also gives some impressions and insights of life in the research stations, finishing with a perspective on the future for research at North Wyke, so hopefully contains something of interest for everyone.

On behalf of all those involved with the production of the book we would like to thank those organisations, committees and individuals who contributed in any way towards it, and we hope you enjoy reading it. A limited number of copies of the book are available free of charge, and if you would like to receive one please contact North Wyke Research. Alternatively, in the near future an electronic copy will be accessible via the North Wyke website which will be available for download.

Wilkins, R.J., Jarvis, S.C. and Blackwell, M.S.A. (Eds.) (2009). The Hurley and North Wyke Story: 60 Years of Grassland Research, 1949-2009. North Wyke Research, Okehampton, Devon. p. 78. ISBN 9780956450104

Animals in research at Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research supports openness regarding the essential and responsible use of animals in research under best welfare practice according to UK law.


Collaborative roots could reduce reliance on phosphorus fertilisers

A consortium of UK based organisations, including Rothamsted Research, has been awarded funding to look into cropping systems that could harness the phosphorus already available in soils.

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Driving directions to North Wyke. It is not advisable to use your sat-nav for your journey to North Wyke by car

North Wyke History

The East wing of the present main house dates back to 1242 and was built by William-de-Wigornia.


Information about the Labs and facilities at North Wyke

North Wyke Farm

North Wyke has a fully resourced research farm with a skilled workforce and extensive facilities

Schools Science Fair 2012

The Science Fair has been held annually at North Wyke since 1997

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Rothamsted Research, North Wyke is located in the heart of Devon`s farmland, on the northern edge of Dartmoor.