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20:20 Wheat ®

Ensuring food security is a major challenge for the future. Wheat provides a fifth of human calories, but since 1980 the rate of increase in wheat yields has declined. The average farm yield of wheat in the UK is currently 8.4 tonnes per hectare. Our aim is to provide the knowledge base and tools to increase UK wheat yield potential to 20 tonnes of wheat per hectare within the next 20 years.

Building on the expertise at Rothamsted Research, this strategic theme will be delivered through four programmes:

1. Maximizing yield potential. With the requirement for novel approaches to increase yield, we will focus on genotype improvement to improve total crop biomass and grain yield through improved photosynthetic efficiency, altered canopy and root architecture, modified seed development and enhanced nutrient utilisation efficiency. This will be introduced utilising breeding, exploiting novel germplasm, transgenesis and other forms of genome remodelling. The potential for these approaches to offer substantial increases in yield is exemplified by the difference between C3 and C4 plants, where, for a given volume of water, photosynthetic efficiencies can be 50% higher in a C4 plant because of the suppression of photorespiration (1, 2, 3, 4).

2. Protecting yield potential. We will use advanced technologies to mitigate losses through pests and diseases. This will encompass the aetiological agents for Septoria leaf blotch, Fusarium ear blight and “Take-all” which have the highest negative impacts on wheat yields in the UK and elsewhere. Robust solutions to these diseases could contribute 5 to 10% in average yield increases (5, 6, 7).

3. Determining soil resource interactions. We will develop a mechanistic understanding of how soil properties and root characteristics interact to determine water uptake and nutrient acquisition. Efficient water utilisation is a prerequisite for efficient photosynthesis and yet wheat can be very sensitive to changes in osmotic potential resulting in reduced photosynthetic efficiency. The potential of this approach to contribute substantially to yield could be in the region of 10 to 18% (8, 9).

4. Using systems approaches to crop improvement. We will, through crop models based on physiological and environmental parameters, explore gene-environment interactions, deconvolute complex traits (e.g resource-use efficiency) and explore the performance of wheat ideotypes under climate change (10).


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