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John Caulfield

Research Scientist
Biointeractions and Crop Protection

I joined Rothamsted in 2009 as a Mass Spectrometrist. I am responsible for running the mass spectrometry facility in the Chemical Ecology Group (BCCP dept.) and provide expertise in sample analysis, data interpretation and routine analyses for a wide variety of projects in support of the institute research programmes and within the BCCP department. The facility has a number of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometers (Autospec – Micromass/Waters, Mat95 - ThermoFinnigan, Agilent 5972 MSD) and a Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer (Quattro Ultima - Micromass/Waters). We also have a number of Agilent Gas Chromatographs for routine analysis of volatile samples.

A key aspect of my role is maintaining instruments to avoid down time which I am able to achieve as I have over 17 years experience in this field (over 8 years working for Micromass/Waters Corp.).

I also provide training on the bench top MS (Agilent MSD) and in the GC facility to staff/students and visiting scientists.

Works With:
+44 (0) 1582 763 133 ext: +44 1582 938116
Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ
Past Projects
  • Chemical ecology of pest and beneficial arthropods : Identification, biosynthesis and scaled production of pheromones and other semiochemicals
  • Adaptation and dissemination of the Push Pull technology (ADOPT)
  • Innovative approaches to pest management
  • Chemical ecology and integrated management of the banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus, in Ghana
  • SMART cereals for management of stemborer pests in staple cereals in Africa
  • The role of lipids in determining gas bubble retention and stability in wheat dough

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PhD in Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry (UMIST)


BSc in Chemistry with Instrumentation and IT (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Measures of esteem


  • Royal Society of Chemistry: Member