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Past Projects
Principal Investigator
  • Understanding how DELLA-mediated transcription controls GA-responsive growth and development in Arabidopsis
Project Leader
  • Enhancing wheat field performance and response to abiotic stress with novel growth-regulatory allelles
  • Manipulation of wheat grain development for improved yield and processing
  • Lawes Trust Studentship: Interaction between dwarfing genes and the environment in the control of wheat stature
  • Investigating the role of flavonoid biosynthesis in coat-imposed dormancy to facilitate the breeding of white-grained varieties of wheat
  • Provision of tilling resources and platforms in wheat
  • BBSRC Quota studentship: Investigating genetic and environmental factors that control root and shoot architecture in wheat
  • Improving the yield stability of durum wheat under Mediterranean conditions OPTIWHEAT
  • Understanding the signalling pathways that impact on plant architecture
  • Cereal seed composition and end use quality
  • BBSRC Quota Studentship: The role of Gibberellin signalling in reproductive development
  • Harper Adams Studentship: Understanding and regulating pre-maturity alpha-amylase activity to maintain high Hagberg falling number in wheat
  • Investigating the role of gibberellin signalling in the response to drought
  • Lawes Trust Studentship: Chemical genetic dissection of GA signalling
  • Maximising yield potential of wheat
  • Soil resource interactions
  • Phenotyping root function in wheat
  • Developing a cereal fertility pipeline(CerFip) for wheat and barley

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PhD in Botany (Molecular biology) (University of Cambridge)


BA in Natural Sciences (Biol) (University of Cambridge)