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PhD Studentships Eligibility Criteria and Key

PhD Studentships Eligibility

BBSRC awards are only available to UK and EU/EEA candidates (though note that some awards are only available to EU nationals on a fees-only basis). Note that you may not be a UK or EU/EEA national but may still meet the residence criteria as an EU/EEA candidate or a ‘Home student’. For full details see the BBSRC 2010 eligibility criteria.

  • 3 – 4 BBSRC Quota Studentships
  • 3 – 4 BBSRC CASE Studentships
  • 2 LAT Nottingham Link Studentships
  • 1 LAT Reading Link Studentship

Please note the following amendment to the BBSRC eligibility criteria.

To qualify as an EU/EEA candidate you will need to be an EU/EAA national and have three years' residence (which may include full time education) in the UK prior to the date of application for a studentship. For example, a non-UK EU/EAA national who has spent the previous three years in the UK undertaking undergraduate study would now meet the residency requirements for full postgraduate studentship support.

To summarise, for EU/EEA nationals and their children applying for studentship funding:

  • the settled status requirement has been removed for non-UK EU/EEA nationals and those who meet the BBSRC residence criteria
  • the requirement that residence in the UK should not be wholly or mainly for the purposes of receiving full time education has been removed

Please note that we will be unable to accept or respond to applications from candidates who do not meet the criteria specified above.

University registration fees for overseas students are significantly higher than for UK / EEA students. In 2010 we have no studentships available which would support students from overseas. We are willing to discuss projects with good students from overseas who are able to secure alternative funding for their studies.