AgRIA was a £1.6M fund to support innovation projects that bring together scientists and small businesses on a dedicated site in Hertfordshire. It is no longer accepting applicants.

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AgRIA (Agri-Tech Research Innovation Accelerator), supported for three years by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is led by Rothamsted Research in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, University College London, Cranfield University, Green Triangle, and Rothamsted Enterprises.

Total project costs can be up to circa £65,000 with a minimum contribution of £8,000 from the small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This contribution can be in the form of paying for consumables, travel, consultancy, and patents. The remaining funding is provided by ERDF and Delivery Partners.

These “short leap” projects, which will run for circa six months, are expected to cover one or more of the four highlighted themes (see below). They will be based at Rothamsted Research’s Harpenden campus with hot desk office space; they will also have access to facilities at the University of Hertfordshire and University College London.

AgRIA Short Leaps Theme 1
AgRIA Short Leaps Theme 2
AgRIA Short Leaps Theme 3
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AgRIA Round 3 is now closed for applications


Below are links to the websites of some of our investments:

EcoResearch - Biodegradable and sustainable food packaging and 3D Printing resins from biomass wastes.

Tiwakiki Consulting Ltd - Development of an AI-enabled agri-food traceability device for origin determination.

Elemental Digest - Developing a Novel Plant Protection Product from Recycled Industrial Waste Products.

Phytoform Labs Ltd - Development of automated device for microfluidic screening of plant cells.

EcoNomad - Monitoring of small-scale farm biogas system outputs during commissioning phase

Barton Blakely Technologies - Reducing emissions created by AD processes to enhance soils through sustainable means

RazBio Ltd - reduce the emissions created by AD processes and enhance soils through sustainable means

Regenfarm Ltd - Regenerative Agriculture Platform Design Tool


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