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26th October 2017


4.00 pm to 6.00 pm


Online - Reddit Science AMA (Ask Me Anything)

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Have you ever wondered:

  • How do insect pests use chemicals to locate the plants they attack? 
  • How do plants use chemicals to signal the presence of the insects that attack them? And does this chemical signalling allow plants to garner support from natural enemies of insect pests?
  • What are semiochemicals? And how can they be used to manipulate the behaviour and development of a plant, or an insect pest, to help keep a pest’s population under control?
  • What do we, so far, understand about chemical signalling between plants below the ground?
  • How has chemical ecology advanced the control of insect pests? 

This is your chance to ask these questions, and more!

Jozsef Vuts will be hosting a Reddit Science AMA on Thursday 26th October at 4pm BST (11am EDT).

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Hello Reddit! I’m a chemical ecologist at Rothamsted Research in the UK.

Up until the age of eight I had wanted to become a pilot, an ambition that was stopped short after a failed attempt to fly a home-made glider. However, I think it was my innate curiosity that eventually made me realise that I wanted to do something connected to nature. Endless hours a day spent in the back garden, natural history books, influential teachers and, later in life, great mentors supported me on my way to becoming an ecologist. First at the Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and later at Rothamsted. I was amazed by the dedication and focussed work of inspiring scientists who wanted to make a difference, thereby setting a standard for me.

After my third level studies, I was introduced into the amazing world of semiochemicals (behaviour- and development-modifying chemicals). Since then, I have found myself immersed in this magical world of chemical communication that invisibly governs key interactions among organisms! It is fascinating stuff!

I mainly work with insect pests in agro- and forest ecosystems. I identify volatile compounds from the pests’ host plants or the insects themselves. I then use these compounds to manipulate the behaviour and development of the plant, or the insect, to help keep the pest’s population under control. I recently also started to study the chemical ecology under our feet. The soil is a tough one, because it is much less accessible, and therefore harder to research, than the environment above the ground. However, when something is discovered here, it has the potential to be ground-breaking!

In a world where environmental, human and food safety are fortunately becoming increasingly important, we need alternative, non-toxic ways to tackle pests, and chemical ecology research offers such solutions. The recent ban of many key pesticides is also driving the focus of plant protection in this direction.

It would be great to discuss my research with you. Feel free to ask me anything! On Thursday 26th October at 4pm (BST) I will be live on Reddit Science AMA. In the meantime, you are welcome to find out more about me in a blog entry I wrote for Rothamsted’s 'A day in the life of a research scientist’ blog series.

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