Rothamsted has a long history of creating innovations in agriculture including many improved commercialised products and practises that have influenced farming and the agricultural industry. Pyrethroid insecticides, still widely used today, and push-pull are but two examples. We are strengthening this through new mechanisms to accelerate future innovations in farming and agri-food.


We operate a dynamic and open model of innovation. Ideas generated in research are coupled with testing of potential outcomes (improved products and practises) through early engagement with stakeholders in clear delivery pipelines.

Our strong IP portfolio is testimony to our success in realising innovations and reflects the strength and relevance of our research. We support a culture of innovation by challenging and supporting our own researchers to identify potential innovations early in their research and by hosting collaborative “hackathons” and “ideas labs” with partners that bring different expertise or potential solutions. We also fund innovation projects that are supported by entrepreneurial mentorship and collaborate with industry and AgriTech Centres in many innovative, industrially-oriented and translational research projects.

To build on our successful business engagement and commercialisation activities, we are establishing a new vehicle to accelerate innovations in agriculture through collaboration with companies AgRIA (Agricultural Research and Innovation Accelerator). Themes that have already attracted interest include Soils Innovation, whilst FarmInn is a new initiative, to be launched soon, where scientists will collaborate with farmers to test innovations developed on farms.


Professor Angela Karp

Professor Angela Karp

Director of Science Innovation, Engagement and Partnerships

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